We see a lot of updates about those affected by the virus but not as much from those who have recovered and what their experience was.

A friend’s family recently came down with the novel coronavirus and documented what they went through. Here is the story as they want it…

Shekhar Kammula has a penchant for good story-telling. It is a widely accepted fact in the Telugu movie industry. But as with every movie so far, one or the other in his choice of cast fails to live up to the mark, to match his kind of story telling.


For the uninitiated, the movie is at IMDb.

Not a die-hard fan of #chiranjeevi but I like some of his good work in the past. I do not like the self aggrandization in “big hero” movies and kept my expectations in check. But the enthusiasm of fans all around while…

Maybe #astronomy should be a mandatory subject for at least a year or two in schools. If nothing else, it’ll give the right perspective to students or at least prod them in having perspectives that aren’t destructive.

This is a snap from 6 billion miles away by #voyager1.

“Look again…

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